Gigabyte z390 Motherboard headers

Question regarding the argb headers on my gigabyte z390 motherboard. This board has 2 headers and I am splitting off two of my case fans to each header. So one fan to header 1 the second to header 2. The reat of my fans and aio are being controlled by 2 lian li controllers to eliminate lag (2 connections on each controller).

So my problem here is that signalrgb is not letting me control the two fans on the mb separately. I added them separately in the device menu but only header 1 is linking meaning they are following the same color scheme. Its like its sees both my headers as the same.

Hopefully this makes sense.


Any chance of getting a response on this? Not a major issue but still a nuisance. I am able to control every fan individually except these two and I don’t want to revert back to the lian li controller or I lose the refresh rate.