Getting Started

The purpose of this guide is to share all that we have learned from spending years helping customers debug and wrangle their RGB.

Make sure you read all articles under the Troubleshooting Guide. This section will dramatically increase your chances of resolving your issue successfully.

Update Your Firmware, Drivers and BIOS

Before you start debugging, begin by making sure that all your devices have the latest firmware, drivers and BIOS. So if your issue is a specific device, check that your BIOS, device firmware, and drivers are FULLY up-to-date. For example, if your motherboard is not being detected in SignalRGB listed as a device, check your motherboard manufacturer’s website for drivers and BIOS, and the website of your specific product’s manufacturer for firmware updates.

Any of these being out-of-date could cause SignalRGB or your RGB devices to not work properly. Do not skip this step.

If this didn’t solve your issue, consult the Popular Issues section. If there isn’t a solution for your specific issue, contact customer support for more help.

If you’re having an issue using a particular device in SignalRGB, it may not be configured properly, or require additional setup. Certain devices may require special configuration to get them working the first time. Please consult the appropriate page in the Brands section to learn if your device requires special configuration. If your specific device isn’t covered, continue onto the next section.

If none of the information was able to help you solve your issue, contact customer support for further assistance.