Game Integrations

Below you will find a variety of game-integration related problems and their solutions.

Problem: Devices pulse white when applying a game integration


Game integrations require an active SignalRGB Pro subscription. Only Whirlwind FX branded devices support displaying game integrations without an active subscription. Please upgrade to SignalRGB Pro if you wish to use game integrations on third-party devices.

Problem: Game integration doesn’t automatically activate when a game is opened


Currently, you will have to manually apply the game integration like any other effect. It is a planned feature to add automatic game detection.

Problem: LEDs are changing color quickly when no game effects are playing


“Screen Ambience” is the base for all game integrations and all of your LEDs will mirror the colors of your screen. Some game integrations have the option to turn off screen ambience.

Problem: None of the in-game effects are triggering


  • If you are using an ultra-wide resolution, some games are not supported. Currently only 16:9 aspect ratio works for all games, the team is working hard on expanding the ultra wide supported game titles.
  • If you changed HUD or UI elements (size, color, position), the effects will not trigger. Game integrations use screen information to trigger elements. Make sure to use the default settings for those elements.
  • Mods that change the HUD or UI are not supported. If you have a mod installed that changes the position or configuration of the in-game UI, please disable it.

Problem: Game minimizes and/or SignalRGB crashes when using game integrations


  • When you are running the game in fullscreen mode, try running it in windowed borderless mode or vice versa.
  • Enable “Compatibility Mode” in “Capture Settings”