G915 TKL function keys issue

Hello everyone, I have an issue with my G915 TKL keyboard. When G Hub is closed, I can’t use my function keys anymore, but it needs to be stopped for Signal RGB to work properly, and I would like not having to chose between my function keys and nifty RBG lighting :frowning:
Thanks in advance for your answers!

Usually GHub plays pretty nice with Signal as long as you disable all lighting in GHub you should be able to use both.

Unfortunately, Signal RGB closes GHub automatically and I don’t know how to prevent that

Click the settings cog bottom left of the SignalRGB window and check through the options, there’s a toggle to enable/disable closing interferring apps, just flip that and run GHub again.

when i do so, my rgb lighting just turns off

Seems to be a known issue and it’s being worked on, no ETA for a fix yet.

okay, nevermind, it works now. thanks!!