Freezes and reboots with anything after january update

I’m using a asus x670e hero MB, logitech KB (module disabled so I can use g-hub) and a Steel series 600 mouse (module disabled because your module makes the mouse jump). I use Ghub for the keyboard and webcam, and the steel series software for the mouse. But since the last couple of updates of signal rgb. i’m getting reboots and system freezes (and I have run hardware tests) and if i stop signal rgb nothing happens, no reboots, no system freezes (you don’t support my GPU so thats not a issue, its a zotac 4090 and you dont even show it in the device list, and the effet i use is a free standard one called firefly so i dont have to use armorycrate).
Do you have any idea why the updates since feb are causing feezes and reboots since, again i have ran hardware tests and the even logs point to LED hardware problems.

Have you tried to run just SignalRGB app to see if the freezes and reboots still happen?

seems to be fixed with one of the latest updates.
i think it was a asus argb plugin issue, one of the updates said it changed something about that and it seems to be fixed (i’m using the beta channel)

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Have you enabled beta to get latest updates?

yep, i think one of the betas in the last 5 days fixed my issue.

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