FEKER Alice 80 Keyboard Firmware to support SignalRGB?

Hello, I just got a FEKER Alice80 keyboard, and i would like to be able to control its lights with SignalRGB.
I have considered flashing the keyboard’s firmware with QMK or VIA, but i have seen many people having problems with the keyboard’s functionality after doing that, but a few more having success.

Even with those risks, I would like to try to see if it works and be able to control the lights. In case I decide to do it, what should I exactly do? What things would i need? which drivers, which files, what would I have to do first, etc. Im not 100% related with these topics.

Has anyone been able to control FEKER ALICE80’s lights with Signal RGB? Are there plans to add support for this keyboard?
I would be very grateful if someone who has already done it kindly responded to me, or if someone has any recommendations I would also be happy to receive them.

This is the information that appears

You’ll need to flash the firmware.
You can check pre-compiled firmwares and flash instructions on this documentation: Pre-compiled keyboards