Favorite Profiles

Since there’s so many different neat and fun profiles to install and keep on docket, it’d be nice to have a favorites selection under Library. I realize one can just go to “Installed” at the moment, but it’d be nice slim down the favorites without having to uninstall and reinstall other profiles to clean up the Installed list. Maybe have a “star” selection or just being able to drag and drop into the Favorites tab?

Not a major thing, but figure I’d throw it out there. Thanks for the great application, I’ve been impressed with the ease of use and functionality.

We have a favorite option already (although is kinda hidden, I know haha):

Oh neat! I didn’t think my app was out of date and those options with the Select, Next, or Previous Effect weren’t in the top corner for me. Just saw the update button at the bottom of the app, and voila those features were there. Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I just tried it’s functionality, it’d be cool if the Previous and Next options would coincide with the selected filters. It seems to cycle all the profiles regardless. It’d also be cool to set a timer to cycle through one’s favorite effects.

This is our first interaction, more features will be added to this.