Fan lights not working suddenly

Hi, the fans in my setup has suddenly stopped lighting up earlier today. I have had this pc for 3 months and it had never been an issue until today.

I have had a quick check and it would appear that the 5v header/cables etc have not come loose. I have not installed or updated anything overnight either. As the screenshot shows, the RAM, graphics card and the light strip at the bottom of my case (Phanteks NV5) still syncs with whatever effects I set them to, literally just the fans - case fans as well as AIO fans.

I have tried reinstalling SignalRGB, I have also tried uninstalling MSI Center and enabling light control in the bios.

Any ideas please?

As it would not allow me to attach 2 pics:

Here is the picture of the tower.

Are they all plugged into one controller? Looks like a loose or bad controller.

I have the same board and mine is working just fine. Probably a cable / controller issue.

Yeah one controller so that is probably the case, was hoping it would be a software issue instead.