/Documents/WhirlwindFX/... seems to be ignored

I have tried a couple of things tonight, one of which is getting my XBOWs keyboard working with SignalRGB and another was creating a round Light array. Instructions for both were to put the JS/JSON files into relevant places in the above directory and reboot. Nothing happened.

I discovered that C:\Users\trevor\AppData\Local\VortxEngine\app-2.2.32\Signal-x64 has the plugin etc. folders as well. If I put the files in there then they work fine. This is less than ideal though as they will clearly not survive version upgrades.

Anyone got any idea why signalrgb is ignoring these when they are in the right place?

I did notice the logs folder does have some files in it, they all were from the day I installed it for the next three days then nothing.

User plugins go to documents/whirlwindfx/plugins

Yep. They do and I have now resolved my issue.

For some unknown reason when I installed SignalRGB I changed the location they went to. It was only when I saw somewhere that this “usually” goes to documents/whirlwindfx/ I realised it might be changeable.

result I’m a chufin IDIOT, and it pics up my components now.

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