Disable lighting effects when monitors/displays go to sleep

It would be great of there was an option toggle, that when enabled, powers down all lighting when Windows turns off the displays.

We already have “disable lighting before sleep” but I think there will be many people who use a maximum performance power plan, where the monitors power down but the computer mainly stays active. I’m one of those! :slight_smile:

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Came here to post the same, this would be an awesome feature.

I generally am leaving my PC on overnight, whether it’s to process something, make a render, hosting a server, seeding, etc… So every night I have to go and set my Layout intensity to 0 in SignalRGB so my room can be dark.

Would be really nice if there was an option alongside the shutdown/sleep options that could disable the lighting if a specific monitor is either powered-off or in sleep mode. (I usually physically turn off my monitors, since having them run 24/7 can lead to power components failing, even if they are “sleeping”, power is still flowing through.)

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Agreed. The computer doesn’t always get turned off. But the screen does. Would be nice to turn off the RGB, too.

I’d like to see this go a step further. I’d like the ability to schedule different effects for different times. For example: When its bed time, I’d like to see all light effects automatically turn off or switch to Solid Color - Black. Another example would be a rotation through effects that I specify based on a duration or time of day that I set.

I need this feature in my life. I’ve looked pretty far to try to find a workaround and the only real thing is just set a macro hotkey to turn it off and on -_-. Fairly inconvenient.

Just made an account to post something like this myself. I’d like this too.

I manually turn off my monitors because the blinking light on them drives me nuts when I try to sleep. What about a “if no input/audio for [adjust amount of time] between the hours of [adjust time frame], then turn off lights”.

So I could set it to “If no input/audio for 20 minutes between the hours of 11pm-6am, then turn off lights.”