Different everytime i re-boot

this program does something different every time i re-boot my rig. lately my issue is this program wont start when i start my computer. i have to manually start the program every time i re-boot or start up for the day. it doesn’t remember my settings when it starts. i have to go in an go to device, then, enable/disable/enable "device enabled and enable and then enable/disable/enable pass through a few times sometimes to get this to show the colours that i have set.
my 10 x Li an Li Infinity fans pretty much always sit on like 320rpm when i first start up, and considering i have them set to 1300rpm’s it’s way off ! just luckily it’s winter here atm i guess. the only reason i’m still using this software is i paid a premium price for it ! i have already cancelled my “re-curing” payment as this software is so frustrating ! "as in it’s something different every time i start my rig. i don’t think i am running anything out of the ordinary that A LOT of others would use. IE: windows 11 pro, lian li infinity fans, lian li controller.

That is honesttly the worst part of SRGB… CONTINUALLY having to pay for it. At a PREMIUM price.

I would willingly pay a one time fee of $49, but paying $50 a year…FOREVER, just to control LED’s… not an option.

Yup, same mate. I dont mind paying a premium for a premium product, but this program is so buggy. Doesn’t support something as common as logitech ghub software etc etc.