Device supported (Thermaltake SWAFAN) But SignalRgb having Led issue

Hello This is a copy of the message I sent by email today to the SignalRGB support team, while waiting for their response I open a topic here for help.

Hi, I’m a recent customer. I’m still in the trial days, however I’m a SignalRGB PRO member. The fact that we can create a fan curve was a game changer for me, because prior to that we cannot adjust or create a fan curve with the ThermalTake SWAFAN ! Speaking of Thermaltake i contact you because i have the supported device fans the ThermalTake SWAFAN. Almost everything is good but the issue is when i go to the setting lighting of the fan to change the rgb color of the fan there are 30 led (12 named Front Ring+12 named Back Ring and 6 named Center Ring) but the 12 led named Back Ring don’t light up individually (no change of color) the 12 Back Ring led are the bottom ring of the Thermaltake SWAFAN they should light up separately but instead when we apply a color by clicking to the 12 Front Ring led they simultaneously light up the Back ring led ( the bottom rgb of the fans) as i click to each led of the fans. I have no problem with the Center Ring rgb.

I find a solution is to create a Custom Strip with 30 led count so each part of the Thermaltake SWAFAN can light up separately (the Back and Front ring) but that mean my layout is completely messy as now the fans in my layout are replace by Custom strip they can’t be the same size as fan even when i tried to change the size ect… so i’m having not a smooth layout with that.

When I searched SWAFAN in the #tech_support discord I saw someone having this problem (date 31/01/2023) with the SWAFAN but he was still satisfied. I don’t think he reported the problem.

in the attach file i take a picture at my the thermaltake SWAFAN that correctly light up the Back Ring as i create a custom strip 30 led but wont light up individually if we choose a Thermaltake SWAFAN in the channel as we should so it has a bad repercussion in my layout as the Custom Strip replace my SWAFAN.

I already disabled all rgb software and everything in my pc is up to date (firmware bios ect…) I’ll be waiting for your help thanks.

The mapping is correct and wrong at the same time.

In a 2d space, the leds of both rings share the same coordinates from a flat top view and thus light up at the same time.

That “problem” exists for all fans with front and back rings, and the only “solution” would be using 3 Components for one fan.

You can generate 3 different “Circle” components with 12, 12 and 6 leds and use them here:


It Works wow :scream: !!! thank you! as i said before that I createad a 30 led custum strip in the SignalRGB software but it shambles my layouts because the custum strip replaced the fan so it was not appropriate at all. But now with the link you send to me ( i was able to create the fan component with the correct Back Ring now lighting up separatly! also my layouts show the corect fan size (square) so every effect is perfect now THANKS

Great community someone in the discord server was supposed to help me today but you resolve the issue before he help me. Thank you Have a good day.

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Glad that it’s working now! :partying_face:

Have a nice day as well. :slight_smile:

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