Device Not Detected

My device should be supported but isn’t

SignalRGB uses the devices USB Vendor and Product id’s to determine what devices to connect to. While most device variants keep the same id’s some use unique Id’s that need to be whitelisted.

If you’re device is a variant, or matches a model listed as supported on our website but isn’t being detected as such you can join our public Discord Server, or Plugin Test Server for assistance. You’ll need to know the specific device in question, and provide the devices USB Vendor and Product id’s from the Device Information Settings page.

It may take time to get a response depending on current developer resources, Devices not matching an existing supported device should instead be requested on our website.

My RGB RAM isn’t detected

If running as administrator doesn’t help you should Update Your Firmware and Chipset Drivers.

RGB Ram not being detected is most commonly caused from SignalRGB not having administrator rights. You can confirm this issue by checking if the Internal Driver is lit yellow in the Device Information page of Settings.

SignalRGB should only require admin rights once to install the driver. To Fix this issue you must fully close SignalRGB (Right click → Quit on the bottom right task tray icon) and restart with administrator rights (right click the SignalRGB shortcut → “Run as Administrator”).

Refer to the Blocked Internal Drivers page for more information.

My GPU isn’t detected

While our website has a long list of supported GPU’s manufacturers will frequently release multiple SKU’s with the same name. Internally we have to go by the GPU’s device Id’s to determine supported models individually which means every if a GPU’s protocol is supported it won’t be detected until its ID’s are whitelisted.

If you have a GPU that is close to another supported model you can join our Test Server and follow the instructions in #gpu-testing to request support for it.

It may take time to get a response depending on current developer resources.