Deepcool Mystique AIO

Deepcool Mystique 360 - brand new here in the USA it seems. Software for it conflicts with Signal. There’s an argb header for the AIO in addition to a USB header. When the Deepcool Mystique software loads before Signal, signal fails to detect any devices.

Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help troubleshoot or get this working. I’m always in the discord but not always at my PC.

*****EDIT: It appears the problem was temporary. After installing the Deepcool software, restarting signal caused the above problem - however after a full reboot, the problem stopped happening and I am able to run everything.

For those of you who buy one of these Mystique units, be aware that you should reboot after installing the Deepcool software if you see any issues with Signal failing to recognize any devices. After toggling the motherboard rgb sync option in the Deepcool software, the LEDs will work fine in Signal after that reboot. Until the Signal folks get around to adding this device officially, you can configure the pump as a “DeepCool LS LE AIO”. The LEDs seem to map correctly.