Custom rectangular window.

Hi everyone, I have a custom case window to which I attached a LED strip around the perimeter.
The strip is addressable with 75 LEDs.

The vertical sides have 20 LEDs while the horizontal sides have 18.

Is there a way in SignalRGB to create a square custom strip customized in height and width?

yes you can create custom stripes
go to the controller where your stripes are connected to the click on add
there you see create custom stripe, type in the number then add the needet amount

that’s what I did but the strip is a straight line and not a square with LEDs on the edges.

With OpenRGB it’s very easy to do

this is my current setup

you need to add multiple custom stripes then arrange them in layouts

mine is diffrent
that way you can adjust size and position indevidualy

or we also have a tool called compgen

there you can create your custom window

sounds cool
thanks for the help

yw reason for the stripe thing is as i gives more freedom on where you position your stripes