CPU Cooler RGB flickers when switching Windows user account

My cpu cooler rgb flickers when switching Windows user account. Both user accounts use SignalRGB , having different custom rgb settings.

Only the ram and gpu rgbs are working correctly. The cooler rgb flickers but it has same color/light as the ram and gpu.

Restarting SignalRGB doesn’t work.The only fix is to restart the PC after changing the active user account. Hope someone can help me fix this problem.

My motherboard is an Asus Prime B650-M A II. the cooler is a Thermalright Phantom Assassin 120 White.

We don’t support multiple user accounts under the same PC yet. You need to close one of them if you want to use the app.

I understand. But it also happens when a user shuts down the PC, then another user will boot the PC and logs in to his account, SignalRGB will then load and will display the RGB with his designated color or effect but only the CPU cooler is having an issue. The user will then just restart the PC and everything will be work fine.