Corsair Vengeance Pro gets random RGB behaviors

I’ve been looking for fixes / workaround for ages, but I never found an answer

My RGB ram does work with Signal RGB, but it often gets random RGB behaviors where RGB should be yellow or none :

Even when I select my ram from layout editor (where it should be blue, it does kinda get blue… but still with random rgb somewhere)

They are the only components that gets these random behaviours

My icue services aren’t running and icue software doesn’t open in startup

I already have cleaned up rgb ligntnings on icue and turned off integrations

My components are up to date

Any idea ? (please)

Config :
Corsair Vengeance Pro 4x8GB
RTX 4080
Motherboard : Asus Prime Z390A

Im running a 4 set on a Asus board too, but no issues here, do you have latest firmware on the ram? Any issues pops up on the console?