Corsair scimitar elite 12 side buttons not working

I am having an issue with my new mouse when signalRGB loads and syncs up my mouse the 12 side buttons stop working. as soon i close the program the side buttons work again. any advice would be great. the mouse i bought is a corsair scimitar elite.

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I am having this issue also so would love to hear the devs response to this. The Scimitar is on the supported list but its irritating that I cannot use my side macro keys without disabling it in SRGB.

I was just looking at signalrgb and it says that name of the mouse that is connected is legacy corsair mouse. maybe that could be our issue? not sure how to change it so it sees the correct mouse we are using.

I think this means that at the moment there is just one generic driver. Did you find a solution in the meantime?

There’s no support for the buttons yet, but we are working on Corsair rewrite at this exact moment, stay tuned for updated

I was able to get signal RGB to recognize my mouse as a scimitar by factory resetting my mouse then restarting signal. My side buttons only work in games If under settings I turn off “Device Enabled” in signal but then I lose the RGB and the DPI

Any update on the scimitar side button support?