Corsair Link Mutex Stuck Notification Error

Hi, I’m having this “Corsair Link Mutex Stuck” notification error which appears and disappears every second when running SignalRGB. I’ve ensured that iCue is not running and even uninstalled iCue, however this error still persists.

Upon checking the log file, I discovered repeating lines of these but failed to figure out the causes:-

11/14/23 00:52:17.624 [10420-] SignalRGB.mutex.CorsairLink.WARNING - Locking returned: Time Out, Error Code 0
11/14/23 00:52:17.624 [10420-] SignalRGB.mutex.CorsairLink.WARNING - Attempt to lock Timed out. We may be walking to a deadlock…
11/14/23 00:52:17.684 [10420-] SignalRGB.mutex.CorsairLink.WARNING - Recovered from potential Deadlock!

I believe this error starts to happen after I’ve updated iCue to v5.8. Any help is much appreciated.

Check for any app that communicates with your Corsair hardware, system monitors or iCue processes on the background should cause this