Corsair Lighting Node Pro brightness

Among my other lights I have a corsair lighting node pro with 2 sets of 4 LED strips plugged into the 2 ports. One set inside the case and one set on the back side for ambient lighting. In SignalRGB it gives me both sets on the layout of devices but seemingly treat them as one in terms of brightness settings with no ability to dim one inside the case and make the back side really bright so it pops . In iCue there is no problem dimming each string independently but of course iCue doestnt work with all my other lights.

Am I missing a setting somewhere to accomplish more specific brightness?

Just hover over the Components you want to adjust and click the cog that appears:

Then you can adjust the brightness in the top right corner of the page that opened:

Just do that for each Component you want to adjust.

I dont have that option it tells me I cant control them

You’re on the wrong page, you need to select the Components page first.
Check my screenshot in my previous post.