Corsair K57 Keyboard


I have a Corsair K57 keyboard which is on the list of supported devices on the SignalRGB website.

The keyboard is detected by SignalRGB and works fine when it is connected to the PC by USB cable, but it doesn’t work in wireless mode, either via Bluetooth or via the wifi dongle. I have updated the firmware via iCue but no changes.

For what it’s worth, iCue detects the keyboard fine in both modes, but it does give a richer set of RGB options when it is wired.

Is this something that could be resolved? Is it only wired mode that is supported by SignalRGB? And is this common behaviour for wireless keyboards?


Bluetooth won’t work for sure, there’s no BT backend in Signal yet.
I’m not sure about the dongle though, that probably hasn’t been worked on yet as there’s only a plugin for
wired operation yet, so it’s kind of “normal” that it only works when wired for now.