Corsair H150i Pro XT Cooler Bugs Out

My CPU cooler loses connection (I hear the USB disconnection sound in Windows) after about 30 minutes or so of Signal running and controlling everything. Once this happens, the lighting reverts to the Hardware Effect I have set in iCUE.

Upon restarting Signal, my cooler does what it is supposed to again but then after another 30 mins or so, the effect applied loses it’s background colour ONLY on the cooler - none of my other components do this. And, when it does this the Windows USB disconnect sound does NOT play.

After some more time, it loses connection again (Windows USB disconnect sound plays) and it just does all this constantly without fail.

I have the latest firmware according to iCUE, latest Signal version, and all my wires are definitely plugged in correctly because I didn’t experience this once in 6 months straight of running on iCUE before I heard about Signal.

Yeah this has been a long standing bug for some pro xt and platinum corsair AIOs up until very recently, I’m pretty sure devs have been investing more time in those lately and have the issue nailed down or are at least close to fixing it.

Ah that’s good to know, thank you!
It’s not a problem, it just bugs me when it happens lol, thought I’d report it!

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