Coolermaster RGB controller syncing problems

  1. Hi, i have a new pc setup and im trying to sync everything
    4080 asus rog strix
    asus rog strix z790-a
    g skill ram
    rgb coolermaster fans
    & cpu cooler with 3 fans
    i have a coolermaster rgb controller with everything going through that I’ve synced it all up with signal RGB but after a reboot they are all out of sync.

if i unplug each port going into the rgb controller then plug it back in they all sync together and no problem. Ive re-done all wiring to make sure there is no problems and its all OK Any ideas?

the gpu, ram & mobo all stay synced just not the rgb controller

Hi, can you elaborate on or screenshot your cm controller configuration in signalrg?
The way I’m picturing it your issue is you set all components to match your rig in the controller’s config page but those components aren’t there when you restart?

this is in my case, you can see ive got signal rgb set on solid blue colour but some other fans are showing different colours

I’M a little confused as to why one fan on one channel is syncing with another fan on another channel.

Those 3 fans on the front are all on there own port on the RGB Controller (port#1) yet they’re syncing with another fan from the CPU Cooler (top) which is on port #2 on the RGB Controller

got me stumped

Ok I’m seeing an ml360 (illusion?) and 3 more cm120 halos, if those last 3 are also gen2 they should also be selected as components in the tab with the share icon in your first screenshot, called “Component Config”, all in channel 1. Is that how they are set up?

this is how they are setup

yes illusion and x4 120’s

Is the same setup of fans set to the same channels in GEN 2 mode working correctly in Masterplus+?

i think so, here’s a snip

it works when i use the rgb controller in masterplus when using the tab (argb gen2 controller) but when i use the top tab coolermaster system i they dont all sync up and some flash a different colour to the one set. Whether that has anything to do with anything im unsure

If you can get an effect to go through all fans in a splitter sequentially instead of mirrored that’s supposed to mean it’s correctly setup hardware wise. So next is figuring out what other part of SIgnalRGB’s config is wrong since what you showed me is apparently correct except needing the ML 12LED pump component in channel 2.
This component should work all the same even if it’s for a different model because of the same LED count and mapping.