Chipset Drivers

Having problems with your supported RAM, mainboard or GPU:

If your “Internals Driver” indicator in top right of your Device Information page in Signal is green and your RAM, mainboard, or GPU either doesn’t show up in Devices or doesn’t react to the effects properly, make sure to update your chipset drivers to the latest version. Please also be aware that updating your BIOS to the latest version will also help with this issue.

Do not rely upon any updater application from your manufacturer when it comes to chipset drivers they are usually incorrect!

AMD Chipset Drivers

You will need to visit this website and select your specific motherboard chipset.

Most manufacturers website versions of AMD chipset drivers are usually behind by several versions, we do not recommend acquiring your chipset drivers from their support pages.

Intel Chipset Drivers

We recommend that you install the “Intel Driver Assistant Software” as it will allow you to scan your current chipset drivers and if they are found to be out of date allow you to update them.

You may also elect to visiting your motherboard’s manufacturer support page for your specific motherboard model but please be aware this tend to be out of date in comparison with the above tool’s findings.

Currently, RGB RAM will NOT work with Intel’s Enthusiast and AMD’s Threadripper chipsets (i.e. X299, TRX40 etc.)!

The developers are working on it, please be patient!|