Cannot get a certain shade of blue

I’m trying to get my PC to alternate between two colours, purple and a light blue (#00bfff being the latter). For some reason it just comes out looking more a blue/green colour than anything else. I have five devices hooked up to SignalRGB and all are lighting as they should, but for the colour. They are -

GigaByte B550 Aorus Elite V2
Corsair Vengeance RAM
BeQuiet! Pure Base 500 DX
Corsair K70 keyboard
EZDIY 309-1 ARGB GPU bracket

Oddly enough, the RAM sticks and the motherboard are showing the correct shade of blue. The case and the GPU bracket however, are by far the more prominent when it comes to the lighting in the case and they are both displaying the same blueish/greenish colour. The blue colour the RAM and motherboard are showing match up with the colour I’ve chosen on the screen, so it’s the case and bracket that are wrong. I have no idea why two such different devices would both show the wrong colour shade but here we are.

I have included links to images here -

A slightly pulled back image that, regardless, shows the blue/green colour around the case.. The blue on the RAM sticks can be seen if you zoom in.

A closer shot of the blue displayed by the RAM sticks and the colour the case and bracket are showing around them

I can’t make any sense of why this is happening as they’re all meant to be basically using the same usual 16.7 million colour palette. Anyone have any clue and maybe some tips?

The sad fact is not all LEDs are made the same… SignalRGB sends the same values to all devices but if there is a variance… that will be hardware level and simply put you either adjust the hex values or sadly deal with the mismatched colors. (btw it’s 16.8 million colors not 16.7 when it comes to SD RGB color space.)

Steelseries from personal experience is the worst color space wise.

Hmm, interesting. I thought the palette would be pretty standard at this point. I don’t think SignalRGB allows different colours using the same effects across different devices, does it?

Has nothing to do with the palette but the color representation of the LEDs aka not all LEDs are made the same.

Yeah I get that, but you mentioned changing the hex values and since there is no access from the PC to the devices that are mismatched, surely you were talking about in SignalRGB. But I don’t think it allows you to do that on a per device basis?

I mentioned hexadecimal colors because you can manually paint a static value and compare it between all devices you manually paint (or Solid Color effect for example).