'Bricked' Aura Ram

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Most RGB ram on the market falls under the category ‘Aura Compatible’ as they all share a common RGB controller made by ENE which allows for multiple softwares to communicate with them out of the box like Armory Crate, MSI Mystic light, etc. These RGB Controllers sadly have a firmware flaw that allows them to be stuck in an unknown state and soft-lock with the LED’s off. Looking online you’ll easily find forum posts about it going back several years each blaming different software and causes.

The SignalRGB Team hasn’t been able to narrow down the exact cause of this or a way to proactively reset the ram’s state, but if your Aura Compatible ram has soft-locked and become unresponsive there are a few workarounds users have found over the years that may be able to help you reset the ram.

Device’s off the canvas, toggled off, or needing a power cycle are much more likely to be the cause.

Aura Sync

Installing an older version of Aura Sync is a commonly reported way of get the ram back online. Below are two examples from the OpenRGB subreddit detailing the issue with Aura Ram, and an ENE based RGB SSD.

Source with Fix: OpenRGB Subreddit

Confirmed Fix: SignalRGB User

Source with Fix: OpenRGB Subreddit

The Common Steps are as follows:

  1. Uninstall or disable ALL RGB Programs. SignalRGB can be set to not open on startup. Other Programs that use always running services (Mystic light, Armory Crate, Icue) should be fully uninstalled using a tool like REVO Uninstaller for the best changes. Otherwise Should have all startup services disabled.
  2. Perform a Full Power Cycle
  3. Install Asus Sync. Reportedly working versions are (1.05.28, 1.07.79 V2.2) Asus provides a link to download 1.07.79 V2.2 on their website. You’ll want the small Red Text link below; NOT the Primary Download Button.
  4. User reports differ at this step.
  5. Some regain full RGB control immediately.
  6. Some require a PC restart first.
  7. Other’s have needed to open Armory Crate and check for updates to the lighting service if armory crate was installed.