Basic Argb control question

Hi, I have an MSI motherboard (older x570-a pro) with 2x rainbow argb headers. I recently transfered this to a Montech sky case. The case has an integrated fan/argb controller (montech own brand) and 5 x argb montech fans attached.
On the motherboard I have attached the controller to 1 x rainbow1 argb header (plus sata power and a pwm fan header) and the AIO cooler is attached to rainbow2 header (plus cpu&pump fan headers).

When I run MSI mystic light I can Control the argb fans and produce effects such as a rotating flowing rainbow on the fans.

I have uninstalled MSI center & running the latest version of signal RGB.

All the devices have been recognised (2 x logitech plus the motherboard.)

The motherboard shows 2 x rainbow headers, 2 rgb headers and 7x main board LED.

Only the 2 x rainbow headers (pump and controller) seem to be affected by signal rgb effects.

My issue is with the the fans and pump led. They are acting like rgb rather than argb, they basically act in a single color, with either an on or off state?

Is that the expected behaviour or should they be more like the. Smooth flowing effect similar to mystic light? Am I missing something?