ASUS Strix Scope RX (keyboard) & Chakram (mouse)

I have noticed some minor issues lately with these devices.

The logo in the top right corner of the ASUS ROG Strix Scope RX no longer syncs with the profile. When I load SignalRGB, it uses the color from the rainbow effect it was on when SignalRGB loaded.

There are times when the ROG Chakram stops syncing as well. It can happen if I have been away from the PC or if I have been playing a game and a different effect was active while playing. It will be stuck on a certain color. Reloading the app does not resolve it, but a reboot does.

If you haven’t already tried, latest SignalRGB betas (which you can get in Plugin test discord server after grabbing the “General Release Testing” role in the #roles channel there) should fix a ton of weirdness in the sleep&wake up system.

Just downloaded Beta build 7. I will report back on how it goes.

The issue persists. The logo on the keyboard is always a random color and when my mouse is out of sync, a reboot is required.

Any logs or anything I can provide to assist?

Ideally you’d provide those if devs ask for them after you explain the problem in the #issues channel under the ASUS section in the plugins testing server (you’ll need the asus role) because they rarely check here as opposed to Discord.