Asus Rog Strix Scope RGB broken?

Hello, I have been using the program successfully for a while but I noticed something unusual.

As I use it, several keys have the RGB desynchronized and are synchronized only with each other, that is, the Enter, “3” and “A” keys are desynchronized from the rest but these three have a color synchronized with each other.

This happened shortly after I started using the program.

Can you make sure those works on the Crate app or any other one? If they do, we can check on our side and make some tests.

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It doesn’t work with crate either. Even with all the apps that interact with the keyboard’s RGB stopped it is fixed. This happened a few days after using Signal. At first I didn’t give it any importance because it was one key. But now there are 3 and I’m worried that By continuing to use the App, more keys are affected