Asus ROG Maximus Z790 Hero doesn't work after BIOS update

Before BIOS update (BIOS 904) I had control over the Polymo Panel and an EZDIY-FAB RGB GPU Holder connected to Channel 3 all running as intended.

Now with BIOS 1402 Polymo Panel is attached to Channel 1 and no component in the list match the device. Furthermore it doesn’t detects any device in channel 3.

I had reinstalled all the I2C and SMB Motherboard drivers without success.

Any suggestion? Thanks in advance

Found a solution! I’ve forced PolymoSupport in Asus_Motherboard_Controller.js

Now I’ve control over Polymo Panel AND the GPU holder in Channel 3


I’ve just updated to BIOS version 1501 on my system, and am seeing the same issue. Unfortunately, manually editing Asus_Motherboard_Controller.js did not work for me. Additionally, my Polymo panel was not configureable on my previous BIOS version, which I believe was version 801.

I did briefly get the config UI to show up in the layout panel, but changing the LED colors there did not have any effect. Looking at the console, this issue seems at least partially caused by the fact that the motherboard is detected as a z790 Apex, which is obviously not the correct model.

Any help would be appreciated!

I’ve just discovered that I do have control over the Polymo RGB, however, it is tied to the first ARGB channel. I’m going to take a wild guess that this isn’t as designed, so there is still a bug, just not the same one I initially thought I had.

For anyone coming across this post with the same issue, ARGB Channel 1 should be set to 19 LEDs total, LEDs #1-11 control the ROG logo, and LEDs #12-19 control the HERO logo. Setting one group to black hides that logo, so in my case, I set LEDs #12-19 to black and I now have just the ROG logo showing with my custom backlight colors.

Close the SignalRGB app

Go to
%LOCALAPPDATA%\vortxengine\app-2.3.35\signal-x64\plugins\asus\motherboard controllers\

Be aware that the app-2.3.35 numbers may be different depending on the app version do you have. In case of doubt take the highest number.

You’ll find inside that folder the file:

Open it (I suggest Notepad++)
Search the following (should be in line number 124):

PolymoSupport : 0

Put 1 instead of 0

PolymoSupport : 1

Save the changes and push the Windows Key, write SignalRGB and in the right side of the window choose run as administrator

This should enable the Polymo Panel as before the update.

Downside: every app update overwrites the file, you can save the file in your documents folder (read SignalRGB docs, I don’t remember where it should be exactly) in order to override the configuration even if the application gets an update.

The documents folder is:

Documents\WhirlwindFX\Plugins\Asus\Motherboard Controllers\

Create all these path folders and copy the modified Asus_Motherboard_Controller.js there

How many leds the board has on it? It should be name “MainBoard Led Count” on the log.
We can create an override for it

19 total, 1-11 for the ROG logo and 12-19 for the HERO logo.

However it depends on the BIOS version. In 904 didn’t need override.

This has been fixed on latest beta. You can join the beta from the settings page.