The RGB on my wireless Gladius II mouse is having issues. When using it as wireless thru the USB dongle, the RGB sporadically flashes for a few seconds before turn back to static. When it’s connected to the USB-cord, the RGB color stays solid. When it’s connected via Bluetooth, it doesn’t do the flickering but it’s stuck on “rainbow” and I can’t change it because I refuse to install Armoury Crate. It’s a brand new build and no other RGB software is on it. I thought it could be that specific mouse, but I borrowed a friends’ and his did the same thing.

It happened due to armory crate update (for windows dynamic lightning) + windows adding the new dynamic lightning overwriting signal, I have no idea how to fix this because even by disabling the dynamic lightning and forcing colors in armory crate It keeps forcing static. It’s honestly incredibly annoying.

Seems like uninstalling AC as whole and rebooting several times fixed the issue and signal now works even with dynamic lightning feature installed and disabled. But if you are not using AC try following;

Right click desktop > personalize > Dynamic lightning > disable.

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Does helvegr answer solves your issue?