ASUS GEN2 Support

Is anyone working on this as I see it’s integrated for Coolermaster controller but not any ASUS motherboards.

I don’t mind doing the js front end work if someone wants to do the usb sniffing to get the packets/commands

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i can’t use pomp ROG LCII 360mm RGB too with signal, i hope it’s on supported devices and an future update ?

Gen 2 is already working , just asus Calls ARGB Gen 2 i think Gigabyte calls it DRGB
Its all the same
Asus motherboards do work

ASUS motherboards work in gen 1 mode only in signal, not gen2. Gen2 supports daisy chaining and still being able to individually set each device.

do not work on ROG Z790 maximus formula with ROG STRIX LC II 360 ARGB, he didn’t recognize the pump LEDS.