ARGB strip has swapped red and green, other devices on other 3 pin headers has correct colors

Hi, i have a AsRock X670E PG Lightning AM5 Mainboard here, where on argb header 1 are the 3 front fans, rgb DIMMs on the mainboard and a amazon argb strip on the argb header 2.

The problem is that the red and green are swapped so that the colors are wrong, white and blue shades are nor problem.

I have checked to in the device settings for the rgb argb channel configuration, but i can this change only the motherboard and nor for the headers… :frowning:

Is there a way to change the rgb configuration, just for the rgb header?

Thank you in advance


So the problem if I understand correctly, is that changing this setting

changes the configuration for all 3pin argb headers but you only need to change it for ONE channel?

Yes, i need only to change it for one channel, how can i do this?

If you know a bit of javascript you can edit the plugin file and add a selector for each channel. There’s documentation here.

Thank you for the link, can yor provide me an example how to do that?

Sure, this is a custom modification of the official Razer Chroma ARGB controller plugin, you can probably adapt it to work on the asrock motherboard plugin.
Razer_Addressable_RGB_Controller.js (341.0 KB)