ARGB/RGB hub help

With the current hub in my PC (the one that came with the case), I have to control all the fan/case/gpu bracket as one rgb device. Is there anything I can do to control them individually as separate devices?

How would I go about doing this and what would I need? (Keep in mind, I only have 3-pin connectors)

If I need new fans, I don’t mind getting them when I get the money but want to ask for any recommendations. I’m looking for quality and aesthetic. I have looked into the “cordless” fans that I heard about but those are expensive. Again, money isn’t the issue and I do plan on getting those sometime as they look really cool. Just wanted to ask for recommendations.


I am looking for an RGB hub where I can control all my fans and rgb devices individually instead of as one whole unit. I am also asking for any good cooling fan recommendations.