Arctic Freezer III 240 + Razer Chroma - one fan not displaying any color

Got a new Arctic Liquid Freezer III 240 A-RGB along with a Razer Chroma A-RGB controller. it’s a 2 fan AIO. On the Razer Chroma, I added Arctic Freezer III as a sub-component on the correct channel.

Weirdly, on the topmost fan (mounted on the right hand side of my case) shows LEDs with the correct colors. The bottom fan shows no color at all.

Is this an issue with the Arctic Freezer component configuration which I found (Arctic_Liquid_Freezer_III.json) which assumes it’s the 3 fan version?

If so, looking at the above config, I have no idea how to create a configuration for a 2 fan version. If not, then either way, any help appreciated!

Just in case anyone else comes across this issue, I’ve resolved it.

You need to add a “component” for each fan you have. So in my case I had to add the component “Arctic Freezer III” twice, once for each fan.

As soon as I did this everything works as expected!

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