Any support for model o wired?

Hey guys I just recently bought a Glorious Model O wired, and I was wondering if there are any plans to add support to this mouse or plugins I can use to get it to sync. I use signalrgb daily, and it’s very frustrating not being able to sync everything, especially as the wireless one is supported and not the wired. If there are any workarounds you guys know of please tell me any help would be appreciated. I’ve requested it on the site for weeks now btw


That mouse was initially supported, but the way its firmware is made, devs soon realized sending RGB data to it instead of having it read from its memory, could soft-lock their sensor in very rare instances. And honestly nobody wants that even if it’s reversible. So they were practically forced to pull support .

Thanks for responding! Is there any way I could still get a hold of the plugin? The times I’ll actually be using the rgb sync is whenever I’m recording undertale/deltarune, which is a keyboard only game and the mouse will only be there for decoration. I’ll probably have it on a single color using glorious’ software whenever I’m actually using it.

SignalRGB has changed a lot since this plugin existed, it may not even work at all. After you’ve downloaded the file, open it with your text editor/IDE and uncomment the 3rd line. Next move it to %userprofile%\Documents\WhirlwindFX\Plugins and restart SignalRGB.

Remember you’re doubly (dropped official support and TOS) SOL if anything goes wrong :crossed_fingers:

it worked thanks so much!