Alternate Installation Directory


I am reaching out to see if anybody knows how to install the package in an alternate location?
Unfortunately, %localappdata%\VortxEngine won’t work for me.

i.e. is there a -path option for the installer?

many thanks in advance!

Hi @smorgan, this isn’t possible at the moment, may I ask you why can’t install on default location?

Because I want to deploy a WDAC policy to include a path rule for the VortxEngine directory.” to allow it to run and not be blocked by code integrity.

note: a path rule whilst not the most secure type of rule is ok in my env and would also cater for version upgrades via updater.exe thus lowereing my maintenance burden.

Unfortunately %localappdata% is not allowed in the WDAC wizard tool (that creates the xml policy file for deployment).

thus i have no way to deploy signal to my users (in my intune/defender environment) whom have a bunch of led’s in their system.

some of our engineers prefer to look cool as opposed to doing any actual work!

until i can figure out how to wildcard %username% in wdac (some wildcards available as of 22H2) i thought it might be easier if the installer allowed parse of an alternate install location.