Allow users create profiles

Hi there, new user here and I’m wondering if there are plans to include user profiles in the App. Something that I miss from proprietary software is quick changing illumination by right clicking on the notification area icon or similar. Or even changing effects when a specific program launches, for making game integration seamless.

Thanks in advance!

If you mean different effect configuration presets there’s these buttons in My Effects → Customize


There’s also application URIs you can call externally.

And last but not least, with Macros (Pro feature) you can change effect or layout whenever it detects an application (e.g. some game) is launched.

I meant to create custom profiles such as those you can make in iCue, like “Default”, “Night”, “Music” and so on. Here’s a link to an example (ignore the red “Copy”)

iCue profile switching

Didn’t know that Macros also were for that feature, I’ll give it a try. Thank you!