All lights start flashing after scheduled task

I have been using scheduled tasks to change to Good Night at night and to Fire in the morning. This has been working like a charm until the latest update. Now when the lights come back on in the morning, the RGBs don’t behave properly. Instead of being the standard fire flickering, there is a strobe effect on top of it, the lights go in and out. This happens to all devices on my system regardless of connected to the motherboard or the RGB controller. The only thing I can do is quit signalrgb and then end task any signalrgb processes still up. Once I open signalrgb back up, it works fine. Again, this only started with the last update.

Does this happens if you manually trigger the task? The effect screen has any strange thing on it?

No, if there is a manual change the problem doesn’t happen.

I have figured out a “resolution” for the time being but never had this happen until the latest version of SignalRGB. At night when the scheduled task changes my lights to “Good Night” I then have a scheduled task to “End Task” the SignalRGB tasks.

The scheduled tasks invoke the signalrgb.exe and it appears that after the latest update, it opens another instance of it instead of just using the current instance. However, on the Task Manager, there is only one instance. If the issue is happening, and you shut down SignalRGB from the notification tray, the issue persists after re-opening it. The only way to resolve it is to end all the SignalRGB tasks.

I wish it worked like it previously did because if I choose to make a change, I have to end the tasks and open the program again now. Previously, it ran for as long as the computer was on with no issues.