After Windows 11 reinstall, Logitech G502 missing, now through WDL (Windows Dynamic Lighting)

So a few days ago I had to reinstall windows 11 along with all my applications, after installing SignalRGB. Previously I was able to control both my Logitech G502 and my powerplay charging pad individualy as different devices. Now I’m presented with a Windows Dynamic Lighting object, from what I can tell the drivers for must have been updated to now use WDL (Windows Dynamic Lighting) built into Windows 11. Currently the powerplay LED is being controlled by SignalRGB and is being updating as before, the mouse however is no longer recognized.

Within WDL I am presented with two devices (the G502 and Powerplay) and I am able to update the mouses light through there. It seems that there is some sort of disconnect between SignalRGB and WDL

Here is what WDL looks like

Well, I fixed it.

After some debugging, I did determine that WDL was working correctly and could control the LEDs of my mouse when SignalRGB was not set as the controlling app. It seems that the problem is that when WDL reports how many devices/lights are available it only reports the powerplay and not the mouse, possibly due to matching names.

Turning off Use Dynamic Lighting on my devices and restarting SignalRGB caused it to revert back to using the Logitech Modern Device plugin and is now updating the mouse correctly.