Advice for Working Around Lian Li Hub Limited Frame Rate

Hello All,

I have a Lian Li Uni Fan Controller connected to 3 sets of 3 Lian Li SL120 Infinitys and 1 single SL120 Infinity.

I know that the Limited Frame rate is due to Lian Li firmware.

So does anyone have any good advice on workarounds?

  1. Is there a way to slow down the Frame Rate of my other RGB devices to match the limited frame rate of the Lian Li hub/controller? I don’t care if they are slower as long as they are synced.

  2. Given the connections used by Lian Li, is there another hub/controller I can use with these fans?

  3. Will splitting the Fans over two or three controllers work?

Thanks in advance!!

Hy @Hypnopaedia

  1. There’s no way to slow down other hardwares to match any desired framerate, sorry
  2. I recommend this video, and this timing, to help you.
  3. If you connect one chain per controller (meaning that only one port from controller can be used), it should achieve 18~22
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Thank you! Watched the video and it helps ALOT!

Quick follow-up, if I get the Razer hub, and connect all 200 LED’s to it over 4 ports, am I likely to run in to the Limited Frame Rate again?

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Not at all, that case it will rely on your motherboard performance. Simplifiyng, you can use the other ports while have a Lian Li fan connected.

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Thank you so much for your quick response!! You’re AWESOME.

So if I get the Razer Chroma ARGB Controller mentioned in the video, along with 4 adapter cables (Uni Fan cable adapters to split into ARGB and PWN), doesn’t that mean I’ll have to also get a fan controller as well? I won’t be able to use the Lian LI one as I’ve split out the connection they use.

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You can connect the PWM in your motherboard while having the ARGB cable connected in the Razer controller, but you’ll have to subscribe to PRO and use the Beta version of the software to work properly.

You can join the beta from this link: or enabling in the app like the example:

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honestly, dont waste your money !!! i definitely won’t be renewing to pro next year.

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