Adding new GPU's to the list

Is there a list of supported GPU’s? I just purchased the Gigabyte 4070 TI Aero and would love to get it on the list. Doesn’t have a lot of RGB to it but what it does have I would like to match with the rest of my scheme :slight_smile:

There is a list at Supported Devices | SignalRGB. On this page is also a deevice request form for unsupported devices.

Thanks for the reply, I did find the list and my card was not on there. I added it the to the device request, any chance to estimate the turnaround on getting it updated? I know you guys are busy so appreciate any updates :smile: . Moving my system to a an all white build and would love to get the RGB all synced without having to load Gigabytes fusion software which is horrible IMO. SignalRGB pro is totally worth it :smile:

Thanks again, this software rocks!