About to buy Hardware for my son - what do I need to consider?


Christmas is close and my sons greatest wish is a Gaming PC with lots of RGB.
He has chosen a “be quiet! Pure Base 500 FX”. The Mainboard (and CPU, RAM, SSDs) is available already and does not support (A)RGB. We do not plan to change this.

Thus, we need an ARGB controller. I do consider building the SRGBmods LED Controller v1. I do have some experience with Arduino, ESP, etc, but I must admit that it always takes longer than intended…
So, buying a ready to use controller is also a possibility.

So, apart from buying ARGB Fans, is there anything else we should consider?

A special wish from my son was also to have a LED-Stripe with adressable LEDs. He selected a Tuya one, but I think it is a bad choice, as it will not be controllable by SignalRGB.
What is the standard behind ALED? Is just every WS2812B based stripe compatible?


yes basicly all ARGB / DRGB devices are inside of a pc based on WS 2812b LEDs
so fanse use 5v ws2812b LEDs
ready to use Stripes for inside PC case same
deppending on the amount of LEDs a PiPico works fine
for high amounts of LEDs you want to use a Teensy 4.0 as those can handle up to 4056 LEDs

if you dont wana deal with DIY controlelr then grab a Razer CHroma RGB controller
they also offer a PWM controller

Tuyas controllers are bad
so if said stripe is supposed outside PC case go with BTF brand for stripes, aswell using a ESP 32 with WLED
that way you can controll said stripe even when the PC is off


thank you!
What is a BTF brand?

When using WLED, the issue is, that I can controll the stripe when the PC is off, but not from the PC in sync with the Fan-LEDs?

Regarding the Razer Chroma RGB: it has only 6 Outputs. Can I increase these with a Y-Cable?


BTF is the strip brand that you can find online, they sell strip rolls. You should be able to control the strip with your pc on or off, the WLED firmware has a app that you can use iirc.

As for the chroma controller question, yes, you can use strips, but they will replicate the Signal, so everything on that Y splitter will act as a single device/clone.

I don’t understand this: I thought that the LEDs are adressable - it is a bus anyway.

But I do not want to control with an app. Everything should be controlled by Signalrgb.


I have one last question: When setting up my Desk in signalrgb, it is 2D. But my real setup is 3D. I have on my desk my keyboard, mouse and Case (left to right). On the Wall behind some stripes. I suppose I have to “project” that to 2d somehow?

You can either make all your PC parts shifted to the right hand side of the layout with your keyboard and mouse to the lower left and the stripes to the upper left?

Or you can do what I do and fill the layout with your PC parts and overlap the keyboard and mouse centrally on top. It depends on if the effects you use actively flow left-right or up-down.

I got the Razer controller ONLY for the aRGB part and it works just Great. removed all my other controllers using Fan control on mother board, RGB from Razer and onboard headers.