A mix. Lian li case. Corsair fans. Can’t sync

Hey all I love this app but before I buy it I am trying to get my rgb lights to work.

I have a Lian li lancool 2 (connected to asus tuf motherboard argb header).

Be quiet pure rock rgb heat sink and fan connected to a deepcool rgb converter to get another argb header.

Corsair controller for case fans which are Corsair sl/sp 120 rgb fans.

Corsair k100 keyboard.

Corsair rgb game pad and the

Corsair rgb Nightsword mouse

Ram is Team force delta rgb ram.

I can’t remember if the be quiet is connected to the deepcool or the Lian li case fans are connected to it. The deepcool could be the point of failure. Not sure.

All I know is if want my lights to sync.

I also want to retain the ability to use iCue to control my keyboard and mouse buttons.

Thanks all

I’d seriously recommend to watch the official tutorials, they should cover most of your questions already:

Make sure to at least watch the first 2 videos on the channel linked above.

Feel free to get back to us with problems that still persist after watching the tutorials.

P.S.: using latest BIOS version of your mainboard as well as latest chipset drivers is vital for
RGB RAM to work.

So, I played and got it working. Video was lots of help. It worked so well I bought it.

and played some Warzone 2 with the profile. Wow!

One question can I still use iCue? I need to have it loaded for stream deck to work with my K100.

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Using iCue and SignalRGB together is not recommended in general,
BUT for several users the following settings worked:

  • delete all lighting effects from all devices that allow it
  • set all devices that don’t allow deleting the effects to solid black
  • set all controllers like Nodes, Commanders, LS100s etc. to “No device connected
  • disable Plugins and SDK in the iCUE settings.

If you are using Corsair RGB RAM as well, you might have to experiment with starting iCue before or after SignalRGB to reduce/remove any flickering that might occur.