4070ti suprim x not detected

it’s not being detected. How do I make it so it detects my gpu?

Hey, can you post a screenshot of SignalRGB’s Device Information page (in settings).
Preferably It’d be focused on your GPU’s Device and SubDevice IDs

I’ll add mine into this I have a Zotac Geforce RTX 4080ti AMP Extreme Aero.
Subvendor ZOTAC obvs
Device ID - 0x1698

I gave a whirl at trying to use the info capture program from the Discord but while in safemode my computer said F that i refuse to let that file run at all. Would love to get the GPU’s RGB in on the fun

Zotac GPUs don’t use any manner of direct software control, just flash memory pre-baked effects. Devs will look into ways to enable/disable those but it won’t likely be in the short run.

and that control is jankey at best. Here’s hoping. But i guess that is why the breath speed scaler seems to work in odd steps instead of being able to be more finely controlled.

thanks for the info