Redragon K556/K582 QMK Flashing Instructions

Instructions for flashing Redragon K556/K582 with Signal RGB Firmware:

You are responsible if you brick your keyboard!

Note: This will override any custom keymaps you have made!

Once you flash this firmware, there is no going back. The keyboard will no longer be compatible with its original application!

  1. Download the latest firmware and plugin from here: Dropbox - Redragon - Simplify your life
  2. Download Sonix Flasher from here:
  3. Create a new folder named Redragon and extract the firmware and the Sonix Flasher into the newly created folder.

  1. Navigate to the Sonix Keyboard Flasher folder, and open Sonix Keyboard Flasher.

  1. You will be greeted with the screen below. By default, device is set to SN32F26x and qmk offset is set to 0x200. Change device to SN32F24x and change qmk offset to 0x00. Failure to do so will result in a bricked board.

  1. The Sonix Keyboard Flasher window should now reflect the screenshot below. If it does, press the Reboot to Bootloader button. You should hear a windows disconnect and reconnect sound. If you do not, click the Reboot to Bootloader button again.

  1. Click the Refresh button next to the device dropdown. If the keyboard was successfully booted into bootloader mode, you will now see a device with the word (bootloader) next to it.

  1. Click the Flash QMK button (ignore the warning as it does not apply to this board).

  1. Navigate to the Redragon folder and select the firmware for your specific board.

  1. Ensure that you have chosen the correct firmware for your board, then click Open. The keyboard will begin flashing the QMK firmware. **DO NOT UNPLUG THE KEYBOARD DURING THIS PROCESS. ** When the flashing process is complete, the Sonix Flasher will show finished for the flashing status, the keyboard will reboot and show a default rainbow effect.

  1. Now, place the plugin file (.js) that you downloaded on Plugins folder: Click me! or Documents\WhirlwindFX\Plugins and restart SignalRGB. You should be good to go now and your device will show up on the Devices list.
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Plugins isnt there, can you please share it again

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Has support for model K557?

Only the keyboards listed at this time.

I put the K556 firmware on the K557 Keyboard, it worked, but the breakpoint stopped working.
can you help me?

There is no plugin in the dropbox folder you’ve shared. Can you share it again please. Thanks?

Updated version of the plugin added :+1: